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Military Simulator Wargame

Air Defence Simulator System Suite Air Defence Battle Management Simulator Console Management Training Air Defence Radar Basic Skill 3D Flight Simulator Location Analysis System Radar Controller Trainer Radar Control…

Custom Application Development

PT. Maxxima developes various Management Information System (MIS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) applications software both for government and private sector. The commercially of the shelf MIS Application software are: • Personnel…

Reseller Data

PT. Maxxima reseller for various data either spatial, business or defence data product such as: Jane’s Information Data ADC World Map Scramble Order of Battle Digital Data CHQ Military Field Manuals Book  


Maxxima reseller for various Software System for Business Application, Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing and Military related software product such as: MapInfo Tatuk GIS Software ER Mapper Rockware Cellular…

Digital Raster Maps

In addition to digital vector maps providing, PT. Maxxima also provides digital raster maps. Those maps among other: Digital Clutter Maps Digital Elevation Model Digital Bathymetry Those maps are available in various raster file…

3D City

Maxxima also produces and provides 3D cities data that can be used for various purposes. 3D city is made as closely as possible to the original city, including 3D models of landmarks and buildings. Currently 3D city is available for various…

Indonesian Economy Spatial Data

For marketing, economy and demographic analysis purpose, PT. Maxxima also provides digital Indonesian Economy Spatial Data Vector Maps in various level down to village level (more than 70.000 villages). The variable data attached to the administration…

POI (Place of Interest) Data

In addition to digital vector maps providing, PT. Maxxima also provides the Place of Interest Data. We have collected and updated the millions of updated POI in about 150 cities in Indonesian. The data attached to the POI points are: • POI…

Digital Vector Maps

Maxxima also provides of the shelf, GIS ready vector maps for various GIS purposes. The map cover mainly Indonesian and several other neighboring countries. The maps are available in various scales (small scale, medium scale and even large scale…

Satellite Imageries

Maxxima is business partner of various satellite imageries for various purposes. Among other are: Landsat 7 ETM+ Landsat 5 TM KVR SPOT 4 SPOT 5 Quickbird Radarsat IKONOS ALOS (PRISM, AVRNIR, PALSAR) GeoEye …


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Android Programmer

Are you familiar with design patterns, both in theory and practice? Can you write object oriented codes utilizing Java and Android? Do you understand and know how to implement code profiling to improve efficiency? Do you have experience…

Web Programmer

A Web Developers / Programmers build website from scratch, write the code line-by-line based on your clients' needs. You will also need to make sure that the website is running efficiently by optimizing the code and query of database. Once…

GIS Programmer

The GIS Programmer/Analyst Position requires demonstrated knowledge in the area of technology critical in the integration and development of Geo-spatial systems to include mobile applications; Emergency Management Geographic Information Systems;…

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