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POI (Place of Interest) Data

In addition to digital vector maps providing, PT. Maxxima also provides the Place of Interest Data. We have collected and updated the millions of updated POI in about 150 cities in Indonesian. The data attached to the POI points are: • POI Name • POI Address • POI Phone Number • POI Website Address • […]

Digital Vector Maps

Maxxima also provides of the shelf, GIS ready vector maps for various GIS purposes. The map cover mainly Indonesian and several other neighboring countries. The maps are available in various scales (small scale, medium scale and even large scale for many cities). The maps are delivered in various commercial standard file format (mapinfo, arcinfo, dwg) […]

Satellite Imageries

Maxxima is business partner of various satellite imageries for various purposes. Among other are: Landsat 7 ETM+ Landsat 5 TM KVR SPOT 4 SPOT 5 Quickbird Radarsat IKONOS ALOS (PRISM, AVRNIR, PALSAR) GeoEye