PT. Maxxima developes various Management Information System (MIS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) applications software both for government and private sector.
The commercially of the shelf MIS Application software are:
• Personnel Management Information System
• Public Health MIS
• Asset Management System
• Fleet Management System
• Cargo Management System
• Pharmaceutical Company
• Presence Control System
• e-Library System
• Payroll MIS
• Business Intelligence System
• Maintenance Management System
• SMS Gateway
• Helpdesk Management System
• Intranet Portal

The commercially of the shelf GIS Application software are:
• GIS for Network Pipeline of water Distrubution
• GIS for Banking
• GIS Analysis for Telco Network
• GIS for Real Estate
• Plantation GIS
• GIS for Asset Management
• GIS for Land & Building Taxes
• GIS for Public Lighting Management
• GIS for Regional Planning
• GIS for Public Health
• GIS Based Web Portal
• GIS Business Analysis
• GIS Politics Analysis
• GIS Portal System


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